Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When a new believer enrolls, they tell everyone they know about their experience

Here is an update on the second expansion phase in Kentuckiana, KY (A), and again, it is very exciting. The friends discovered 10 people who declared their belief in Bahá’u’lláh. And now, this cluster has an organized and dedicated follow-up plan that is seamlessly connected to their teaching efforts. The friends are rapidly learning and immediately applying their new insights.

__ reports of their home visit:

Two of us went to visit __, a new believer. When we arrived at his home, there was another man who we had never met before. After greeting and an opening prayer, we decided that, although we had come to share deepening themes with __, we instead should share Anna’s presentation with the new person. So we asked the new believer, to help me share Anna’s presentation as well as to translate. So __ and I shared the whole presentation, while the other teacher was the silent prayer partner. And this new person declared! After spending more than an hour together, we left the place with joy and a spiritual feeling. . . .

The above report shows how important it is to do follow-up home visits as soon as possible with the new Bahá’ís. When a new believer enrolls, he or she tells everyone else they know about their experience. This is a crucial time to be nurturing and to be there. Though the original purpose of this home visit was deepening, the teaching team was flexible and we discovered another receptive soul.

So, if you haven’t scheduled a home visit, do it today! Then report back to E what happened so we can keep the database up-to-date and make sure none of the new believers slip through the cracks. If language differences make it difficult to communicate, please let us know what language they speak so we can provide materials for them in their language.

The last ten days have required a group effort and many Bahá’ís participated that haven’t served on teaching teams before. We made great progress during the expansion phase. Now it’s time to follow through and show the new believers how the Faith works in our daily lives.

We are asking each team to please return all lists and forms to E. Also, please return your teaching binders to J if you aren’t using them, or give them to the friends who will be carrying out consolidation. Also pick up the deepening theme folders from J. The area teaching committee will meet to discuss how the expansion phase went and figure out how to assist the teams in their consolidation work over the next two months.

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