Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This cycle is teaching us how to identify a receptive area

Here is an intriguing excerpt from a report from Sonoma County, CA. It is a B-stage cluster, but it is planning and carrying out its activities in 3-month cycles (including teaching and follow-up phases), just like an intensive program of growth. (There are many B-stage clusters in the country that do “practice IPGs” to prepare for the time that they advance to the A-stage.)

Now here’s where it gets interesting. When their expansion phase didn’t go as planned, the friends decided to prolong it—in fact extend it through most of the 3-month cycle—in order to gain the experience they needed to teach, as well as to start seeing some results. They have also learned more about how to identify a receptive neighborhood.

The last cycle began with the normal 3 weekends of direct teaching. During the first 3 weeks of this phase, we attempted to identify receptive neighborhoods. So we selected 4 apartment complexes that we had originally thought would be receptive; even though during initial visits this seemed to be the case, over time it became clear that they were not very receptive.

Since the initial three weeks were not successful, the Core Team decided to prolong the teaching phase. About two months into the cycle a team explored another apartment complex. This neighborhood seems to be different than the others we previously visited. There are a few households that are very friendly and have opened their homes to the teachers. The community is multicultural and there are many children playing outside. So this cycle is teaching us how to identify a receptive area.


Anonymous said...

The comments make reference to the "teaching phase." This presumably means the "expansion phase." Every phase of the cycle of growth is a essentially teaching phase. They just are associated with a different stage of the collective teaching effort.

Teaching blog said...

In this case, it was the expansion phase of an intensive program of growth that was being referred to, and teaching of course will ideally occur throughout all phases of an IPG.