Thursday, September 24, 2009

Consultation, flexibility, sensitivity, patience makes an effective teaching team

This third installment of teaching stories from Sequim, WA (B) shows the patience, sensitivity and flexibility of the teaching teams. In many cases, someone who may initially seem hesitant warms up after the teachers are able to learn more about their interests and find common ground.


Focus: Going house-to-house in a neighborhood

Results: Possible follow-up visits to introduce the Faith or say prayers

Core Activities: Devotions

The team visited the home of one woman. At first she was very suspicious and just listened politely. Then they mentioned how the Bahá’í’s believe that there is only one God. At this, she seemed to come alive. She shared that she had come to this conclusion some time ago; but that she thought that she was the only one who felt this way. From this point onward, the contact began to pay much closer attention. She took some materials and said that she would do some more investigating online. . . .

Another person who was visited seemed even more reserved. But she became very interested in the equality of men and women and in how all religions are really one. She said that she was interested in attending a Bahá’í event and in having someone come and visit her again.


Focus: Apartment complex and home of a Bahá’í who was ill.

Results: Shared “Gift of Prayers”

As the team was preparing to enter an apartment complex, they encountered a lady who was sitting outside. The team stayed outside to visit with her. A lengthy conversation developed about her reliance on God and her activities in her church. She said that she knew a Bahá’í in California, and was happy to receive a Bahá’í prayer book.

The team returned to the car to pray and consult about what to do next. They decided to visit a local Bahá’í who had been ill. She was so happy to be visited!

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