Monday, September 21, 2009

Reaching out and reaching back

People reach out, and we reach back—it’s that simple. An individual interested in learning more about the Faith may first contact the Bahá’ís by calling the 800-22-UNITE phone line or through the public Web site The friends respond. He or she is connected with the local Bahá’í community. They become involved in the core activities. And often, they then declare their Faith. Here is a brief report from Oroville-Chico, CA (B) that neatly shows all of these ingredients. Someone reached out, and the friends reached back!

Dear all,

__ contacted the public Web site

A home visit was conducted a couple of weeks later. One of the friends reported: . . .

We talked about the Faith. He will be meeting again with the friends, and his daughter will be starting a children’s class.

The cluster institute coordinator informed us a few weeks later that __ had declared. The following comments were sent:

We shared a conversation like Anna with __. He said it really set the Faith in order in his mind. He has read the Kitab-i-Iqan and has started to teach his mom who lives in Mexico. He has joined a study circle of Ruhi Book 1 with us, and we have almost finished the course. Last session we started talking about teaching the Faith, which then led to the topic of becoming a Bahá’í. He asked for a registration card and filled it out!

It's so thrilling to be a Bahá’í.

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