Friday, September 18, 2009

We are all bound together all over the earth in one common Cause

When people reach out to the Bahá’í community through the public Web site or calling the 800-22-UNITE phone line, the friends at the national, regional and local levels work together to follow up on their interest and connect them to Bahá’ís near them. Sometimes this happens very rapidly. Other times, the process takes a little longer. Sometimes the seeker moves. In this case the seeker was in the military and was sent halfway across the world. But at the beginning and end of his journey, the friends were there to respond to his needs, nurture his interest, and lovingly invite and welcome him in. Here is a beautiful story shared by one of the Seeker Response system regional specialists. It is a story of love and the unity of mankind.

Beloved Friends, there is A NEW DECLARATION!

This is the best moment and I can’t wait to share. I have been praying for this man for many months, and N and I both have shared information with him when he first called the 800-22-UNITE phone line over 2 years ago. I sent him many items and used books and we shared the teachings online. . . .

Before he left for Afghanistan, he had a large group of friends come visit him, and he shared the Faith with them. I had contacted the local Bahá’ís who were going to invite him to dinner, but he was shipped out very quickly and left before this could happen.

We have had no contact since I sent him the materials. That was almost 2 years ago. I sent him a note just on a hunch that maybe he would receive it. He called and left a message last night that he is back in the States after 18 months. I called him this afternoon to welcome him home and thank him for his call.

What a joyful reunion. He told me that he had ordered the Kitab-i-Iqan and that he had just received the book, “The Bahá’í Faith, the Emerging Global Religion”, and that he still had his prayer book. He had also ordered a card with a prayer of the Báb for protection.

As I listened, I said, “__, you are a Bahá’í!” He said, “Yes, I think I am.” I said, “Let’s go over the basics and see?” We spent another 20 minutes. He knows so much. I explained about the Covenant. We talked about the principles, the beauty of Islam, everything.

At that moment he declared that he was a Bahá’í. I was so excited and happy. This has been over 2 years and this was THE MOMENT. I told him that since he did not have good computer access that I would fill out the online registration form for him.

It will be difficult for him to leave the base as he does not have a car. I told him that A and I are partners in this teaching work and that we will help find a solution.

I cannot tell you how happy he was and I am. He loves the people of the village in Afghanistan where he worked. When he became ill, he said even though the people are very poor, they would bring him food and tea.

Dear Friends, is this not exciting? How we are all bound together all over the earth in one common Cause.

Loving regards,


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