Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apartment residents, manager, all receptive to core activities

When your “neighborhood” is an apartment complex, receptivity comes in more than one form. In this story from Grand Junction, CO (B), teaching teams visited homes and offered children’s classes and study circles (again, see how the core activities can coherently work together). They found not only were the residents of the apartment complex very open to the idea, but also the apartment manager as well!

Prior to initiating the teaching effort in a receptive neighborhood, a teaching team approached the management of an apartment complex about the intentions of the Bahá’ís in the community. The team shared that the Bahá’ís would like to provide neighborhood children's classes which focused on virtues and spiritual education. In addition, they would be offering classes for adults in the community. As it turned out, management was so excited by the prospect that they willingly offered to print invitations to be shared with the community! What a great experience that I hope can be replicated in other areas.

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