Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"We called her the same evening"

Communications technology is really bringing the world together. Here is a heartwarming story of a person who registered her belief in Bahá’u’lláh online. The regional specialist promptly contacted her by phone to carry out the affirmation step, so the enrollment process was efficient. The new believer shares her story of her spiritual journey, which provides many insights about the qualities we need to have as teachers, and a reminder of the receptivity that is there—we only have to share the Message as it is, and it will resonate with many souls.

By the way, technology is really taking over. All the various parts of this story came to us by being “sent from my Blackberry”, “sent from my iPhone”, etc.! And me here with just my ol’ desktop . . .

This is a new Bahá’í who declared online. We called her the same evening, and L went through Anna’s presentation with her and she was affirmed. She was crying with happiness. We asked her to tell us her story and here it is.

In the beginning . . . As a child, I didn’t grow up in a church like other kids in my neighborhood. But my Grandma took it on herself to educate me about God and Jesus Christ and prayer whenever I spent time with her. . . .

Then one morning my mother answered her door to a couple of women I had never seen before, spreading the word about their religion. My parents joined, and for the next several years we studied the “Word” faithfully, we attended every Bible study and religious service, and we also spent every Saturday morning we could manage going door-to-door sharing the message. Our lives were clearly and undeniably dedicated to bringing others into the kingdom. Our congregation was an eclectic mixture of race, social status and backgrounds. We were all a part of God’s kingdom, His chosen.

Difficulties arose as I grew older. I believed in God, I feared His coming wrath upon the Earth and upon those who refused to believe in His “Word”. We were told the world was coming to an end soon. And then, things that weren’t supposed to happen happened, and the one thing I was counting on didn’t. Disillusioned and disappointed, I left.

Some years later I went back to my grandparents’ church. My attendance was sporadic. I couldn’t shake the disillusionment I had experienced earlier.

Over the years I have searched for a faith that brought people of every ethnicity and background together. I wanted to be a part of a family of believers who loved freely and unconditionally. I wanted to belong to a faith that included every religion that believes in the One True God.

God’s Holy Temple has more than one gate. I believe that God is a God of immense grace. He loves His creation. He will provide a way to save all who believe and trust in Him, no matter who we are or where we live on this planet.

This is why I am a Bahá’í.

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