Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She loved how this was "Faith in Action"

Home visits are a powerful means to forge friendships, to engage the community of interest, to nurture new believers—just to name a few things! The friends in the Howard County-Laurel, MD (A) recently set an ambitious goal for themselves to carry out 50 home visits during the current cycle of their intensive program of growth. This is a wonderful way to focus efforts and encourage ourselves to S T R E T C H to a new level of service. And what exciting home visits! The core activities and the institute process are all woven in with prayer and study of the Word of God—a truly coherent pair of gatherings.


Here are 2 home visits toward our goal of 50!

First, M reported to me that she did a home visit this week with her friend and her friend’s mother. I quote, "And I started talking about children's classes and how my mom teaches children's classes. __'s mom asked if it's through the Bahá’í Faith, and I said yes, but that it was a service to the community and open to children of all religious backgrounds. And then she was saying how she read about the Bahá’í Faith and how she likes how it’s all inclusive. So then I proceeded with sharing the deepening theme about the Covenant." . . .

Wow! That is my Book 2 collaborator!

Second, J and I had a home visit with __, a contact who has already attended firesides and Holy Days in the community. We had in-depth conversations about the Bible, about Bahá’u’lláh, about the Bahá’í fulfillment of Biblical scriptures. We reviewed all the 6 main Ruhi Books with her (yes ALL 6 of ‘em), she loved how this was 'Faith in action', and she wants to start Book 1 next month. We then followed this with some potent verses from the Hidden Words and the Book of Certitude and ended with a prayer where we were all holding hands. Ya Baha!

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