Monday, December 21, 2009

She was so happy when she said "yes"

We have many conversations throughout the day. Some are on spiritual and lofty matters, others are on more mundane topics. When we strive to have meaningful conversations, teaching becomes something that happens naturally through our interactions, rather than as an isolated activity removed from the normal course of our day. Here is a story, shared by a regional seeker response specialist, sharing news of a conversation with someone who reached out to the Bahá’í community. The invitation to join the Bahá’í community was a natural part of the process. (And technology allows for the enrollment to be completed efficiently.)


I had the privilege of sharing Anna's Presentation with an online seeker today and at the end of the presentation, I invited her to register as a Bahá’í. She was so happy when she said 'yes'. She has been studying the Faith independently for two years after being introduced to it by a school chum that became a Bahá’í. She reached out because she wanted more information and had already realized in her heart that she was a Bahá’í. What a blessing that she is a youth! I have contacted the Secretary of the Local Spiritual Assembly so they can welcome her into the community and ask that the National Teaching Office electronically accept her registration and send it on to eMembership.

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