Friday, December 11, 2009

They also want to raise their children in the Faith.

We are delighted to provide an update to the story we posted a couple of days ago about an online declaration. One important point here is the assistance of a local friend who spoke the new believer’s language, which facilitated the affirmation process, as well as the follow-up. And the core activities lead the way for consolidation. . . .

Dear friends,

I am delighted to inform you that __ (E’s wife) has been affirmed as a Bahá'í. You may now complete the enrollment through eMembership. . . .

__ speaks English, but is most comfortable with communicating in her mother tongue. A local believer who is fluent in that language helped to complete the affirmation. She says that it is clear that __ considers herself a Bahá'í. __ also mentioned that they were planning to go to the Bahá’í Center soon.

C, you mentioned the other day that E has been working with someone and will soon be starting core activities. Will you be able to inform them of his wife’s registration?

E and his wife also want to raise their children in the Faith. So there are new participants for children’s classes.

This is so exciting!

Loving Bahá'i regards,


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