Monday, December 7, 2009

You just gotta love the technology age

Technology is opening the doors in so many different ways. It is providing a means to easily register one’s Faith in Bahá’u’lláh. It is also providing so many different opportunities to hear about the Faith for the first time, and to study it. Here are two intriguing examples shared by one of the regional seeker response specialists. Enjoy!

Yesterday I affirmed an online registrant. He had an interesting story to share:

__ found out about the Faith when he took a quiz at After answering a series of questions about his beliefs, BeliefNet told him he was a Bahá’í. After that, he started reading about it and doing as much research as he could on his own. That led him ultimately to the public Web site, to his online registration, and my affirming his belief after sharing the fundamental verities. You never know how people will find the Faith!

That reminds me of someone who became a Bahá’í in my community earlier this year. She heard about the Faith on Jeopardy! She can't remember what the specific question and answer were, but the short description of the Faith within that answer sounded to her like what she already believed. So, she contacted the Bahá’ís, the regional specialist sent her our way, I shared Anna's Presentation with her, she took and completed Ruhi Book 1, and shortly after that she declared!

I love the technology age!

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