Sunday, January 24, 2010

Accompaniment brings rapid results

When you visit a community for a brief time, what sort of impact can you expect to bring about? A very profound impact, with dedication and focus! Here is a thrilling example of how a team of “mobile teachers” used the art of accompaniment to raise up 2 new junior youth groups in the Rio Grande Valley, TX (now an A!) cluster. It was part of a region-wide effort to use the Winter break to assist priority cluster.

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to share this exciting news from the results of a team of 3 young adult mobile teachers/tutors/animators that visited the Rio Grande Valley cluster (a goal cluster) at the end of December and early January.

This is one example of many young adult mobile teachers that visited goal clusters during the Winter break. . . .

Loving regards,


The good news is that J and I helped to establish a junior youth group in one locality, and E started a second group in another locality. The guys carried out a “crash course” animator training, and they accompanied the new animators to the point of actually launching the group.

These 3 believers have helped in other ways as well, but to have established 2 new junior youth groups in such a short period of time is quite an accomplishment, one that probably would not have happened without their experience and youthfulness. We are so grateful.

Much love,


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