Saturday, January 23, 2010

Connecting seekers in "clusters within the cluster"

When someone calls the 800-22UNITE phone line or asks for information through the public Web site, the Seeker Response System “regional specialists” ensure that the inquiry is followed up. They are assisted by the grassroots efforts of the friends at the local and cluster levels. This story from an A-stage cluster in the Northeast region is particularly intriguing. The cluster is very large with numerous seekers and new believers in isolated and remote areas. This has required a creative—and dedicated—approach on the part of the local friends, including keeping track of human resources at the level of “clusters within the cluster”.

Here is the report from a local believer to regional seeker response specialist.

Dear R,

Another great evening with an excited seeker, this time in __ County! She went home with enough reading material for a month. __ has explored and attend prayer services of a number of religions. She found reference to the Bahá’í Faith online, and then you entered her search. It has taken a while to bring this face to face meeting to fruition. . . .

__ is sincere, searching, and wants to begin a Ruhi Book 1 study circle. When I asked if she had a friend or coworker who would also like to join this study circle, she responded positively and will try to invite a friend. She will let us know about what times work best for her. In the meantime, I will be staying in touch with her by email.

Since L is from the same part of the cluster, I will also approach her about this study circle. There is another couple of seekers nearby who I met at work. I will also write them, either to join this study circle, or meeting another time to learn more about the Faith. That’s the plan anyway.

Thank you ever so much for your guidance and loving presence in my life while I am traveling snowy blowy roads and praying and meeting these beautiful souls in our cluster.


And here is the loving and encouraging reply:

Dearest S,

You are surely one of the angels in this mortal plane, walking a spiritual life on practical feet. I am constantly amazed and in awe of your devotion and ingenuity in finding ways to accompany and connect these dear ones.

Warmest Bahá'í love and gratitude!


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