Friday, January 22, 2010

Local Web sites a key tool

An individual believer from the San Francisco-San Mateo, CA (A) cluster shared this very useful teaching tool. The worldwide Bahá’í community has an official Web site,, and the national Bahá’í community also has an official Web site, Well, it’s becoming increasingly common for local Bahá’í communities to have their own Web sites as well.

Alláh'u'Abhá! In the rapidly expanding world of communications, it has been helpful for our community to have and maintain a website—with contact links, for seekers to send emails, as well as a contact number for the community. It's like localizing 1-800-22UNITE. We list firesides and other calendar events online, too.

We've also posted links to other communities in our area, so folks can get “linked up” with the community, even if they don't happen to live right in our locality.

So friends, we’d love it if you share your own experiences with setting up, using and maintaining local Web sites!

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