Friday, February 26, 2010

Connecting with seekers, connecting with the institute

The friends in the Waukegan, IL (B) cluster are strengthening their abilities to engage seekers and new believers in the institute process.  Here is the story of an individual who first reached out to the Bahá’ís through the Seeker Response System.
The regional specialist provides some background:
I just spoke with the cluster development facilitator.  She has had several contacts with __.  This seeker has been attending a Book 1 study circle, and last time was given the introductory brochure with the prayer book.  The registration card was pointed out to her, and she was invited to fill it out and send it in when she felt she was ready to become a Bahá’í. . . .

H has already covered much of the basics with __.  We agreed that I will call her this evening to complete the affirmation.
They have seen so much receptivity in this part of the cluster, and with D’s declaration at the House of Worship, there are now 9 adult Bahá’ís in this town.
That last individual, however, wasn’t initially easy to find.  The friends didn’t have an up-to-date phone number or even a certain address.  One of them attempted a home visit.  No one was there, but she left a prayer book and a note.
Contact was finally made and the regional specialist called the new believer to set up a time to carry out the affirmation.  She then notes:
I had a wonderful conversation with D to complete her affirmation.
D heard from a friend, several years ago, that she could go to the Bahá’í House of Worship to pray and meditate.  As she started doing that on a regular basis, she found that she was transformed in relation to getting angry, so people could not push her buttons.  The House of Worship became her spiritual home.  Friends started to notice and asking what was different.  For the last three years, she has been asking questions during her visits to the House of Worship and studying about the Faith.
D has been reading the Kitab-i-Aqdas, saying daily obligatory prayers, and is excited about participating in the Fast and getting to know the local Bahá’ís.  She has a Bahá’í calendar and had a few questions about Ayyam'i-Ha.
D is looking forward to you call later today.  She is already engaged in a personal devotional process.  I encouraged her to join a Book 1 study circle.
Have a joyous day.

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