Monday, February 22, 2010

Knowing your strengths, especially love

Each cluster is unique.  One important aspect of planning the teaching work is to know your strengths, what resources you have at your disposal, and identify opportunities.  Here is an excerpt from one such assessment of an A-stage cluster in the Northeastern region.  Note how love and unity are explicitly identified as an asset!
Community at a glance:  almost 80% are Persians, of which 65% are recent immigrants.  There is also a large population of Persian youth and young adults.
The Persian believers have a large circle of contacts among other Persians, so the next step is to develop skills to invite friends to core activities.
There is a palpable love among the community members, and a high degree of inclusiveness, in fellowship, consultation, translation and hospitality.
There is a large number of Bahá’í youth at the local university, some of whom will be there for up to 3 years, so there is real potential for learning and action.

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