Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Growth is fueled by the new believers who entered the institute process"

In an intensive program of growth, you want to look at not just what happens within a cycle, but also what happens from cycle to cycle.  Berkeley-Charleston, SC (A) has seen a lot of recent progress, as this report from the cluster’s area teaching committee shows:  more systematic home visits, devotional meetings, etc.  But the most significant fruit has come from one particular effort:  engaging new believers in the institute process.
The Area Teaching Committee believes this cycle witnessed the blossoming of the trees that were planted in previous cycles.  One of the clearest lessons to appear, as we reflect on this cycle, is that the impetus for growth is being fueled by the new believers who entered the institute process.  It is these friends who are bringing their friends and relatives to the devotional gatherings.  It is these friends who are starting devotional gatherings in their own homes.  It is these same friends who are enrolling in Ruhi Book after Ruhi Book. . . .

Another plant, that is taking firm root in this cluster, is that of systematic home visits.  With every intention of being systematic and consistent, we have often lacked the consistency.  The Cluster now has two friends who are committed to going out every week to visit specified friends.
The Area Teaching Committee also sponsored a workshop based on the sections of Ruhi Book 2 that focused on the various aspects of home visits.  8 friends attended.
Further, this cycle witnessed the emergence of a new volunteer who rose up to help with home visits.  We are extremely grateful.
Devotional gatherings in the cluster are becoming a magnet for newer believers, older believers, and seekers.  We are encouraged that these are becoming a strong pillars in the structure of the cluster.

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