Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Local Assemblies are adopting the goals of the cluster as their own

This report from Fairfax County, VA (A) is so inspiring because it shows empowerment that is occurring at both the level of the individual believer and at the level of local institutions.  Increasing numbers of friends are arising to serve—and being accompanied to do so, the various agencies and institutions are working ever more closely together, and their intensive program of growth is revving up its momentum!
The cluster arises to serve when the friends are asked and feel accountable for the cluster.  This helps in learning the new culture and strengthens the cluster identity.
Engagement in the goals of the Five Year Plan increased the attendance at the reflection gathering. . . .

As a result of consultation at the reflection gathering, there has been increased collaboration between the cluster agencies and the Local Spiritual Assemblies.  The Local Assemblies have now adopted the goals of the cluster as their own and are engaging there community members.
The service component of the study circles is very powerful and we see the effects when we do them.
The friends can become more prepared for a core activity they are starting if they visit an ongoing core activity.
We found it very helpful to have “devotional firesides” each day of the expansion phase.

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