Thursday, April 1, 2010

Online registrant teaches another online registrant

It finally had to happen.  A growing number of people are taking opportunity of the option to declare one’s belief in Bahá’u’lláh online at the public Web site at  And so, here is another story of a young person who registered as a Bahá’í online.  What is particularly exciting is that he was taught the Faith by someone else who had also declared online a short time ago!  And so the process of growth continues, now aided by technology!
First the regional seeker response specialist contacted the local believers and the nearest Local Spiritual Assembly:
Dear Friends,
W.R. is a youth in __ who declared online tonight!  I hope to contact him tomorrow and go through an overview of the Faith to affirm his declaration, per the Regional Bahá’í Council’s process for online registrations in our region. . . .

After I speak with him, I’ll send you the data, information, and suggestions for next steps.  In the meantime, please say prayers for this process.
One of the local friends then remembered something:
Isn’t this the second youth we have had in the area declare online?  Is he connected in any way to the first?
Another local friend confirmed there WAS a connection:
We had the bounty of having W.R. in our home last night.  He is a close friend of __ (our amazing young friend) and was introduced to the Faith by him.  They have had many discussions about the Faith, and W.R. has also conducted his own search.  He is a wonderful young man and has obviously been attracted by the magnetic spirit of __’s love for the Faith.  Several of us were present there.
We truly appreciate the love, prayers and support being offered.

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