Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Encouragement in action

It is a joy to watch one of the friends in action as they encourage and accompany the other friends in their service.  What follows is an excerpt of an email from a regional seeker response coordinator to a member of a cluster’s core team about a seeker in their cluster who had contacted the 800-22UNITE phone line.  Some interesting aspects of this message (besides its overall loving and uplifting tone!):  Asking the core team member to match the seeker with human resources in the cluster who have received the relevant training from the institute courses, encouraging the local friends to ascertain the seeker’s interests and needs so that appropriate follow-up steps can be arranged, and reminding the local friends to coordinate and share information with each other so that their response to the seeker can be as effective as possible.
Dear J,
As the seeker response coordinator for our region, I’m emailing you (and will phone you today too) as the cluster development facilitator for your cluster, to see if you might be able to find us a local experienced Bahá’í to promptly contact (by mail) this new seeker residing in __. . . .

A couple of days ago, __ left a message on the 800-22UNITE phone line and asked for Bahá’í literature to be mailed to him, which the National Teaching Office has done.  I am eager to pass on to you his information so that you might be able to arrange as promptly as possible for a local Ruhi-trained Bahá’í to write a warm note to him, mention the seeker’s 800# call, ask if he received his literature, has any questions about the Faith, would like a home visit, other literature, etc.
As he has only supplied his mailing address, and only requested literature (i.e., he did not request visitors), postal mail is currently our option for communicating with him and striving to nurture his attraction to the Faith—perhaps accompany him into core activities, if we are able to learn if his interest lies there.
Something he said in his message implied that he might already be meeting with a local Bahá’í.  If he did meet with a Bahá’í, it might mean that a door has opened for further interaction, nurturing, teaching, etc.  Therefore, I would like to ask if you could try to learn if any Bahá’ís in the area did meet with him?  If we can learn he is in contact with a local friend, you or I could talk to that person to see how it went, and then arrange appropriate follow-up through home visits, etc.
I’ll wait for your reply before sending you __’s contact information.  Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or ideas you might have about making contact with him.  We are trying to swiftly arrange for Bahá’í contact with this seeker, since we know that the sooner he experiences warm contact and conversation, the more likely his flame of interest will be sustained and assited to grow.

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