Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A long series of love, unity, care, effective follow-up and the core activities

Sometimes when you haven’t heard from someone for a while, checking back in with them brings a wonderful surprise.  The following story is an example of this.  Also, we said it a few days ago, and we’re saying it again:  lots of seekers are VERY interested in the training institute courses!
The seeker had originally contacted the Bahá’ís through the public Web site www.bahai.us:
My best friend is a Bahá’í.  He wanted me to learn more about his religion and I am really interested in it.  I am very busy with school and work but I do want to make time for this.  Please give me more information!  Thank you so much. . . .

Some time later, the regional seeker response coordinator followed up with this seeker by sending an interactive email with links to several Bahá’í sites on the internet, including some Bahá’í videos.
The seeker then emailed back:
I watched the videos and they were very uplifting!  I was in Ruhi classes before but I got too busy.  I am now at a place where I would be able to participate in Ruhi classes again if at all possible.  I would really love to attend and learn about the Faith.  Is there any way I can attend a study circle?
Thank you for the videos and for your consideration.
Some time later the regional seeker response coordinator shared this news:
Dear Friends,
Today I heard the super news that this friend declared at a recent devotional!
She had been in our database for a couple of years, and had also been corresponding with her Bahá’í friend all along.  She responded to one of the emails I sent out.  Then a teaching team called on her and met with her at a coffee shop.  Then she attended a Holy Day celebration, followed by a Book 1 study circle.  Her enrollment is just one of the details in a long series of love, unity, care, effective follow-up and the core activities.  The journey continues . . .

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