Sunday, June 27, 2010

She was overwhelmed with the effort that was made to connect with

This story is an excellent example of clusters (3 in all) working together to follow up with a seeker who had called the 800-22UNITE phone line, and “match” them with other Bahá’ís who lived nearby and who also spoke their native language.  This rapid and dedicated efforts helped provide a strong foundation for the warm friendships that then developed.
Last month __ called 800-22UNITE.  We guessed her cluster based on the area code of the phone number she provided.  From her accent, it seems that she was a Spanish speaker.
One of the friends in that cluster received the notification of __’s inquiry and immediately left a voice mail for her.  They talked on the phone the next day and it was learned that she actually lives in another cluster.  She also revealed that she speaks Portuguese rather than Spanish. . . .

So this believer then called M, who lives near this seeker, as well as K and A, who live nearby (now 3 clusters are all involved!).
It turns out K and A speak Portuguese and they know other Portuguese-speaking Bahá’ís that are tutors.  So a Portuguese Ruhi Book 1 study circle was set up.  All the while this multi-cluster accompaniment was being monitored by the regional seeker response coordinator, and some prayers and other literature in Portuguese were located and sent to the believer that lives nearest to her so she could receive it at the fireside scheduled for her the next night.
Over the course of her first month’s contact with the Bahá’ís, __ was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and effort that was made to connect with her, find Bahá’ís who could converse with her in her native language, as well as provide literature in her language.
She subsequently declared at a fireside last month, and has started bringing her family to events and they are interested as well.

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