Monday, September 13, 2010

Community Building Initiatives

"Project Ruhullah" participants, upstate New York.

In localities all over the world, Bahá’ís are striving in very specific ways to contribute to a process of community building that seeks to involve all interested members of a given neighborhood.

Among other activities, they are implementing moral education classes for children, and spiritual empowerment programs for junior youth.  They freely offer these activities to friends, neighbors, and anyone else that would like to participate.  They seek to train others to conduct the activities and to multiply their number, so that ever-increasing populations can benefit from them.

The goal is to improve oneself, and to help create a better society.

During the summer months when many school-aged children and college students were on vacation, various Bahá’í communities hosted seminars (like Project Ruhullah, photo above) designed to train youth to carry out such programs.

This video link will take you to an 11-minute clip highlighting relevant experiences of some Bahá’ís in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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