Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Online Registration System

Many people who do not have Bahá’í friends or associates come across the teachings of the Faith via the internet.  The online registration system at www.bahai.us enables them to join the community and get connected:

J. (from an “A” cluster in the Northeastern region) registered her declaration online.  She received a follow-up call from a Bahá’í, who reported that J. was crying with joy.  The local Assembly was informed, as well as the cluster core team who identified someone to accompany J. on her new path of learning and service.

B. (from a “C” stage cluster) had been a fan of Rainn Wilson for many years.  He started following Rainn on Twitter, and discovered Rainn is a Bahá’í.  From there, B. investigated the Faith online, making stops at www.soulpancake.com in addition to Wikipedia and various Bahá’í websites.  B. registered his declaration online, and soon a Bahá’í met with him to present the fundamental verities of the Faith.  His wife is open to his newly found Faith, and they are parents of an infant.

In registering online, Z. said: “I am excited to finally declare myself a member of the Bahá’í Faith.”  Before making this decision, he had read Bahá’í literature on the internet, and gained a good understanding of the Central Figures of the Faith.  Z. attends _____ university where he plans to join the Bahá’í club (or form one, if none currently exists).

F. (age 17, from the Southeastern region) was raised by a Presbyterian mother and an atheist father, has a Jewish grandmother, and attended Catholic school.  He is very interested in religion.  Through learning about the Bahá’í Faith online, F. has understood the importance of studying the sacred Writings, and saying the Obligatory Prayers.  He registered to join the community via the link at www.bahai.us, and is sharing all about his newly found Faith at his school.  With the enrolment of F., his cluster has been shifted from the “D” stage (no Bahá’ís) to “C” stage -- he is the first Bahá’í in his cluster!

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