Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Observations from Colombia, Part One

"...it is only through continued action, reflection and consultation on their part that they [the friends in a cluster] will learn to read their own reality, see their own possibilities, make use of their own resources, and respond to the exigencies of large scale expansion and consolidation to come."  December 28, 2010- The Universal House of Justice

Keeping Things in Perspective

Our first entry in our new series from an American believer's report of her trip to Colombia focuses on the observation of how some cluster agencies (the institute coordinators and the Area Teaching Committee) in Colombia are keeping the spiritual nature of their enterprise in perspective. 

The following extract demonstrates how the cluster agencies have made it a set practice to put the guidance of the Universal House of Justice at the forefront.

Core Team Planning Meeting started with prayers and then study and reflection on the guidance of the Universal House of Justice with the Auxiliary Board member.  They focused on the recent letter from the Universal House of Justice about Abdul-Baha’s visit to America, linking their work in the cluster to a continuation of what Abdul’ Baha put in motion many years ago. They don’t hurry this portion but really focus to comprehend at a deep level and recharge themselves spiritually. … This focus happens with every planning meeting they have

The report notes that the individual members of the cluster agencies view their appointment as a privilege to serve Bahá’u’lláh and consciously remind themselves to see beyond numbers and “be concerned with the mystical and spiritual nature of this enterprise”.  This understanding helps them to “move from crisis to victories”. 

The friends understand being systematic implies a need for coherence and that all lines of action have to be integrated.  The following simple example was offered to illustrate this point.

 A nucleus of 4 workers had the job to lay pipes in an area – the first person needed to measure the land where the pipe would go – the next person dug up the dirt – the 3rd person was to lay the pipe but didn’t show up and the 4th person put back the dirt so no one would get hurt – People observed this process and said it doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes some of our lines of action do well but others do not and we then lack cohesiveness and integration; therefore it is not systematic and sometimes doesn’t make sense.

More observations from Colombia will be shared about how the friends there are experiencing learning while applying the coherent elements of the Plan towards intensive growth.

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