Thursday, February 16, 2012

Engaging Communities of Interest

Baha’is in the southeast are creating opportunities to engage colleagues and acquaintances (communities of interest) in purposeful discussions on themes of spiritual importance.

Dori writes:
We are trying to find ways of keeping our community of interest interested by finding out what they want to hear about. We gave each person a list of topics and asked them to circle the ones of interest and add others they would like to learn about. We had 20 people at the talk on the soul last night. 9 Baha'is, 10 community of interest and one new seeker. So something is working I'd say!!

Andrew writes:
Our meditation/devotional held last evening, was a great success with 54 seekers and 22 believers in attendance! We had focused on learning how to reach out to and attract receptive seekers in a "social space" that includes those interested in "spirituality", yoga and meditation.

Pauline (led) a guided meditation and opened up the hearts and souls. Everyone loved it! After a brief introduction to the Faith, this was followed by a warbling songstress (who) created a most unique devotional experience. Beautiful cards with the Holy verses (especially from " Reflections on the Life of the Spirit") were given out to all as a gift . At the end we shared Baha'u'llah's Writings regarding the influence of the Word of God and their transforming effect individually and collectively. We then invited them to begin our study circle and 12 seekers expressed their eagerness to come!

Our invitation letter to Book 1 had been very effective before, so we just sent them out to them this morning as an immediate follow-up invitation!

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