Friday, March 1, 2013

Assisting Seekers of Truth – An “Amazing Experience,” Part 2

Last week the Teaching Blog shared the uplifting story of a woman who volunteered to contact seekers and accompany them on their spiritual journey. She shares:

I am an outgoing person and I cannot imagine a more exciting and rewarding service than assisting those who are seeking the Truth.

The Baha'i attempted to contact her next seeker three times—persistence—and finally left a message. She writes:

We spoke for 27 minutes and she thanked me over and over for leaving a message. It was as if she didn't know what to do next when she got the message. This seeker hesitated when I invited her to my home to learn about the Faith. So I invited her to a community center. When she understood where I live she said that she passed my neighborhood twice a week on the way to the local acupuncture school and that she lived very close to me. She was warming up!

The Baha'i then shared that her husband gives classes at the acupuncture school, and has a career with a government agency. Lo and behold, the seeker excitedly shared that her father works at that agency as well!

Suddenly, within a minute, I was no longer a stranger, the hesitation was gone and we talked about when she could come to my home. Again, it seemed that assistance from on high had unlocked the heart of the seeker.

She adds that:

One wonderful thing about the Seeker Response System is that it is local, we are neighbors with the seekers. So far it has not been difficult to find commonality and to overcome an initial lack of familiarity.

With the services that this Baha'i is giving to her community, can we not see what the Universal House of Justice speaks of in this passage? Regarding accompaniment, they write:

And in such a state souls labour together ceaselessly, delighting not so much in their own accomplishments but in the progress and services of others. So it is that their thoughts are centred at all times on helping one another scale the heights of service to His Cause and soar in the heaven of His knowledge.

The House of Justice emphasizes this growing practice by writing: “This is what we see in the present pattern of activity unfolding across the globe, propagated by young and old, by veteran and newly enrolled, working side by side.”

Thinking of the spiritual potential all around us, this Baha'i lady writes:

I am reminded that here in North America we are blessed by the footsteps of the Master and the knowledge that nowhere is the possibility for entry by troops greater than here. Please God we may achieve it!

And may we do so in that very spirit of love and sharing.

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