Friday, May 3, 2013

Part 2: Precious Souls Engaged in Community Building

In the first blog about a dynamic new Baha’i couple in the Plains states, a member of the Auxiliary Board remarked: “It’s exciting that these precious souls are so engaged in the community building and learning processes.”

Another member of the Auxiliary Board met the married couple and shared: “…they are great—truly a gift from Baha'u'llah!! Their presence bodes well for establishing a sustained program of growth” in their new town, where they chose to pioneer and help found a Baha’i community.

A Baha’i friend shares how the couple continued to study the Faith online, after their original contacts in the community moved away.

Their friends moved and they didn't know where to investigate the Faith. They found the Faith on the web. They have been studying the Faith for about two months on their own. They were asking questions in their (previous) church about all the people in the world that were not Christians and why they are condemned to hell because they didn't believe in Christ. They were told that if they didn't stop asking the questions they would be asked to leave the church. So, here she is seeking out the Baha'is. I told them that if they wanted to register as Baha'is they could do that online too.

In their original online contact, the couple wrote to the Baha’i community: “We have been doing research on the Faith, and believe that this may be the right path for us and would like information on the religion, and how to possibly convert.”

In Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, we read:

Wert thou to consider this world, and realize how fleeting are the things that pertain unto it, thou wouldst choose to tread no path except the path of service to the Cause of thy Lord. None would have the power to deter thee from celebrating His praise, though all men should arise to oppose thee.” ~ Baha'u'llah

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