Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From Presbyterian to Bahai - "I'm ready!"

Ann first heard about the Baha'i Faith from a friend, who is a Baha'i. Since then, she has attended several local activities which she found "interesting and fulfilling" and is currently in Ruhi Book 1. She knows many of the Baha'is in the area. Here is the story about her journey, as shared by those who met her.
Ann was raised in the Presbyterian Church and her husband is an Orthodox Jew. She took up Judaism for a while but had a hard time "giving up bacon and lobster"! She [noted that though she knows] a lot of ministers [she] always felt that they could not answer her questions and did not appreciate when she asks such as "is Christ truly the Son of God?" or "Why do we celebrate Christmas when it is a pagan holiday?" She shared that the ministers always asked her "Why are you asking so many questions?!" Ann feels she has been searching for a long time and when she discovered the Baha'i Faith, she felt "this is it!" When asked what attracted her the most, she mentioned the "peacefulness" which she says she immediately felt in her own life; that the Baha'is are sincere, have no discord and are happy. When asked how she came to recognize Baha'u'llah as the Manifestation of God for this day, she shared it has been a "growing feeling" and that the concept of the oneness of the Manifestations makes perfect sense. . . .We talked a bit about the vastness of the Revelation, agreeing that she would have many questions along her path, and to feel free to ask them. One question she had during Ruhi: "How do you pray? - do you kneel, stand, and raise your hands...?"
Ann let the Bahais know: "I'm ready!" when she decided to register her declaration!

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