Monday, July 29, 2013

He prayed he would meet Bahais and he did!

Stephen has been researching religions for some time.  At one point, he considered joining the Mormon community, but decided to keep searching.  He had heard about the Bahai Faith many years ago, and in his travels actually visited the gardens in Haifa.  Recently, he prayed that he would meet a Bahá’í and would learn more about it.  His prayers were answered because soon he met a Bahai woman who invited him to informal talks about the Bahai Faith.  Stephen is an engineer by trade and was particularly fascinated by the teachings about the world government--so much so, he has since joined the Bahai community as a member!

Stephen has also shown interest in connecting his son with the junior youth group in his community—a program that empowers the young through exploring their interests in creating a better world.   

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