Wednesday, October 2, 2013

His friend said, “Everything you've said sounds like Baha'i,” and now he is

Today Allison spoke with Adam on the phone within hours of him registering his declaration online. Here is a little insight into what brought Adam to want to know more about the Bahai Faith.
A few weeks ago he and friend were having a conversation.  One of the topics [they discussed] was religion.  When Adam described what he believed in, the friend said, "Everything you've said sounds like Baha'i."  So Adam began to research the Bahai Faith online.  After a thorough investigation, he decided to become a member.  Some of the things he and I discussed, in addition to an overview of the Faith, was his interest in Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, not gossiping - which really bothers him, and knowing that  there are two communities not too far away.  Already, he has downloaded a few books to his Kindle.

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