Monday, October 7, 2013

Progressive revelation attracted her to the Faith

Dee has a degree in Art History who, at age 56, became attracted to the concept of progressive revelation, a fundamental principal of the Bahai Faith.  She lives in a rural community.  Here is what the Bahai who connected with Dee shared about her journey.
She said she had been raised Baptist but had been told by her mom that she didn't care which church she went to as long as she went, so she began attending different denominations with her many friends. She couldn't figure out why they were all Christian but each had a "different Bible." She felt that the Word was the Word and shouldn't be different from one church to another. Then she talked about different Manifestations and realizing that They all said the same thing really. Then she found the Faith through Seals and Crofts and began studying. She said it made sense to her. She's been reading a bit about the history of the Faith. [We] spoke for over an hour.  She finds what she knows about the Faith to be true to her views. We talked about progressive revelation and I mentioned, after talking for quite a while, that she might really enjoy [two books] The Seven Valleys and Hidden Words. She located the Baha'i Reference Library [on the computer] as we were talking.
Dee contacted the Bahai recently and shared more about herself and her interest in joining the Faith.
Hi, I will be available all day Friday [and] I do have a question or two, after going into different areas of the website. I am ok with not being affiliated with any political party, the main 2 parties aren't very honorable or stable (imho) [in my honest opinion]. I do my best to avoid contention and such, but I am an advocate for healthy living, clean food and such. Am a bit of an activist in those areas, and strongly feel the need to educate others. Hope the people in charge can let me in, knowing this about me. Just hoping that I fit into the Faith as much as the Faith fits me!
Dee is enrolled.  She is happy to have found the Faith and looks forward to connecting with more Baha’is.

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