Friday, November 1, 2013

Karen shares “I finally found home” in the Bahai Faith

Beverly, a Bahai, inspired by a voice message left on the toll-free line (800)22-UNITE shares this story from Karen who wants to learn more about the Bahai Faith.
I met a gal yesterday that gave me one of your cards and I'm so very interested in this.  It seems like everything that was written on the back of the card is everything I've ever been searching for.  I would love to get an information packet from you but I'll give you my phone number too.  Thank you so much.  You know, something led me to talk to her yesterday and when I read the back of this card it was like I finally found home.  Thank you so very much.  God bless you.
The Bahai who spoke with Karen shared about their first conversation together.
I had an inspirational conversation with a woman named Karen who found the Faith through a conversation at a doctor's office.  She shared that their conversation was so natural, and that the Bahai didn't push her in any way, but rather just chatted and offered that if she wanted to learn more that she could call the number on the card that she gave her and someone would call her or send her literature if she wished.  She was impressed the Bahai, a scientist at a nearby hospital, was moved by her heart to accept "some things that can't be explained."  When, later, Karen read the back of the card the Bahai had given her (with the principles of the Faith listed in bullet format) she told me: "never in my life have I felt like I did when I read the back of that card," "how could the back of a business card have "something so right!”
Over and over throughout our conversation Karen expressed just how moved she was to find this Faith.  She said that she knows she was being led to talk with the Bahai at the doctor’s office, and that the Faith "is the most wonderful gift I've ever been given!" 
She had been searching for faith all her life . . .
Karen was baptized in the Episcopalian church at 2 weeks old.  At 7 years old her parents were asked to remove her from the Bible school she attended because she asked too many questions.  She said that she's looked into many faiths in her 55 years, but they never felt right to her.  She referred to herself as "an old hippie chick who has always had faith, just not the church kind."  She said that when she prays she "lifts her hand high in praise of God."  I shared with her about the pose in the long obligatory prayer and she was moved.
Karen is excited about joining the Bahai community by participating in service activities where she lives.

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Unknown said...

Dear friends, thank you for sharing this inspiring story of Karen!
Dear Karen, welcome to the community of the Greatest Name!
With loving Bahai greetings from Mongolia,