Monday, May 12, 2014

SED: Our garden is maintained by a picnic and planting party

Our centrally located garden, created and maintained by the Baha’is of Deerfield (now in its 40th year of existence!) is a spot of beauty that draws attention and praise. 
The Local Assembly funds it and a member of the community devotes effort and love toward the maintenance of the garden and its significance.  A picnic and planting party in May 19 was a fabulous day for the community to gather there at noon for a potluck lunch and a teaching prayer.  Tim then directed the planting of the annuals to outline the circle of the garden.  Everyone did what they could, from taking pictures to separating the plants from their containers at a working table, to digging the holes and dropping in the plants, with Tim doing the finishing touches. It was mutually felt that this planting picnic and party should become an annual tradition!  We are looking forward to its repeat in another month.

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