Monday, June 2, 2014

"Bahai is the way I'm supposed to go.”

Jake, age 23,  heard about the Faith from a Bahai in line at the grocery store.  He shared this message by text about his spiritual journey. 

“About two years ago I spoke with a man. We talked about many things, somehow the conversation drifted into religion. Risking discrimination I was open and honest about how I believe all religions are just different interpretations of the same thing. Kinda like just different languages. He told me about Bahai.  I've looked into it a little, and I'm more than compelled to know more. The basic principles of Bahai, that I know of, are spot on to how I believe. I grew up in a Christian family but I never felt that God would have wanted all this . . . religious persecution and segregation. I also believe that there was more to God and worship than what King James had dictated. I feel that most don’t know anything other than what they're taught and this saddened me because in us all, a voice of righteousness has been overlooked. I believe people are being misled. So here I am, and from what I've learned and what I feel, Bahai is the way I'm supposed to go.”

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