Friday, June 6, 2014

Ella with stage 4 cancer joined the Faith: "I have tears in my eyes"

Ella was born and raised in Chicago and visited the Bahai House of Worship many times.  Here she shares her thoughts during the affirmation process with a Bahai. 

“About 2 years ago I was dealing with Cancer, I am in stage 4 at the moment. When I go into the Bahai House of Worship, it gives me inner peace. The all-encompassing concept of Baha'i is what attracted me. A friend of mine from college called me.   I mentioned that I was looking at Baha'i as a religion that I was interested in. She said she didn't know anything about Baha'i but started talking to me about how Christ was the only way to God. I didn't say anything to her but that is what made me go to the website and push the button that says 'I want to be a Baha'i'. Cancer has been a growth experience. It can change your life for the better. It makes you appreciate things around you. Who am I to judge others? I love the concept of accepting all people, religions, cultures, nationalities. Last year I took a philosophy course on World religion and I did a PowerPoint presentation on Baha'i Faith for the class. Having visted the Bahai House of Worship for 4 or 5 years now, I am slowly becoming deeper and closer [to the Faith] after every visit. My whole Baha'i experience has been enriching. There is no other way to exist except with unity. I appreciate the fact that we cannot understand God. People make up what God is in their minds. And these ideas of what they think God is cause divisions.”  

Further she shares how she feels now about joining the Bahai Faith. 

“What I love about the Baha'i Faith is you have to put in effort to grow, enrich and explore to be a Baha'I; not just sit around and do nothing. I found myself in a discussion with a friend of mine who was in a bad mood and the Baha'i principles helped me to make things positive for my friend. I am happy to be here in this moment in time. I have not taken this lightly. This is was I want in my life. I have a big smile on my face while we were talking. I have tears in my eyes during our talk.”

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