Thursday, August 14, 2014

She made her declaration by his bedside

Song and friendship brought Carry and Guy together!  

This is an amazing story of friendship, love, and how songs during childhood can bring friends together.  The story is told through the experience of a Baha'i who traveled to her home and who visited with Carry on several occasions. 

When Carry  was a young child, her mother (not a Baha'i) played children's songs written and sung by Red Grammer.  As she got older, she came to understand more about the messages in the songs which included lyrics on unity, oneness, respect, love and more.  And though she agreed with the messages, she did not have a source to learn more about the origins of the principles.   

Carry later became an ICU nurse.  She met Guy who was also a nurse who worked the same late-night shift with her.  One evening, Guy began singing one of Red Grammer’s songs, and spontaneously, Carry  began to sing along too. They turned to each other and asked (almost in unison) "How'd you know that song!"  They laughed and continued to sing other songs together too.  Guy shared that he had learned the songs as a Baha'i.  Over time, their friendship grew, and the songs remained a part of their relationship; they became very good friends, and gradually, Carry  learned more about the Faith from Guy.  

Later in life, Guy became very ill and Carry became his caregiver; she was always by his side.  As Guy became more ill, he moved to the coast to be closer to his family (some of whom are Baha'i too).  As Carry  learned of Guy's failing health, she arranged to visit him at his new home.  She decided, however, before arriving that she wanted to surprise him and make her Baha'i declaration by his side.  Fortunately, she had told me in advance, so I brought along a declaration card with me when I drove to see them both.  I gave it to her, and as she said, she filled it out and signed it while she was by his side.  

It was amazing, totally absolutely amazing!  Guy was also "very moved by it" and felt very good about how Carry 's learning of the Faith had evolved over time.  Glen shared with me that he didn't push his faith; he simply answered her questions and remained a good friend. 

Today, Carry, age 30,  is involved with the Baha'i community, she attends prayer devotionals and plans to connect with the Baha'is when she returns to her home state.

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