Friday, November 16, 2007

Teaching all those interested - Anna’s presentation in Hindi?!?

I like this story from the New York, NY (A) cluster so much. Maybe it’s the straightforward and loving way the author invited these seekers to join the community of Baha. Maybe it’s the resourcefulness the friends show in meeting the needs of a diverse humanity to deliver a Summons and a Message which “were never intended to reach or to benefit one land or one people only.” Maybe it’s just because I had no idea there is actually a real “Little India” in New York, and am pleasantly amused by the thought of someone in a small New York apartment giving Anna’s presentation in Hindi. . . Either way, keep at it, Queens!

We had a wonderful amazing day of teaching today in Queens. Baha’u'llah is AMAZING!!! The day began with the table teaching crews doing their thing in Jamaica and then in Little India/Jackson Heights.Lots of great proclamation/ teaching opportunities and lots of follow ups to do!

Tonight, my wife and I hosted the fireside at our place tonight with 4 Baha’is and two seekers all related to India in some way. One seeker was of Indian descent from Trinidad, had gone through book 1, lots of home visits, including 2 Anna’s Presentation visits. The other is Indian, speaks no English, met us on the street during the last expansion phase at the Little India teaching table and came to the fireside that night at the Indian restaurant. I’d finally gotten friends in India to send me a few books in Hindi, which he’s been reading, and [other Hindi- speaking Baha’is] have been following up with him regularly. After lovely opening devotions, I did Anna’s Presentation with another friend translating into Hindi. Studying the quotes through translation was amazing — in fact the whole translation process made everything extremely clear. Wow.

At the end I invited both to declare and they did!!! It was so simple and so wonderful and such a confirmation. We then had a wonderful discussion of what it meant to be a Baha’i, Feast, the Fund and the institute process. She and I are going to start a Hindi/English Book 1 with this new Baha’i as soon as we can get a Hindi Book 1 (any suggestions on how to do that are welcome). We then met up with another friend for dinner and a late night celebration. Everyone was so happy and excited.

This is such a confirmation on what can be achieved when we focus on a receptive population, take bold steps, and then follow up consistently with loving and genuine care. The Queens Baha’is are wonderful and absolutely thrilled by this whole experience. Doubts about the Plan have been transformed into certitude.

Tomorrow our focus is on the Latin friends. Tables will be in a Spanish speaking part of Jackson Heights with a Spanish-friendly fireside at our place in the evening.

Much love to you all!

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