Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friendship and the Plan inspires a re-declaration

This story was sent to us from a believer in a *C-stage cluster. It is a touching story about friendship, patience and love. Many of us may relate to this story—friends who walk with us on our spiritual journey and in the path of service.

About seven years ago, my friend withdrew from the Faith. She was experiencing difficulties in her life; I had only met her a few years before then. She was active in the Faith and often brought friends to the Bahá’í Center.

For most of the years that she was apart from the Faith, my friend attended a church with another friend, but did not feel fulfilled in this path. Two years ago, my friend and I started saying prayers together over the phone several times a week, and I invited her to attend a Book 1 study circle that was starting in our home. Another of the attendees was coming from my friend’s town and was willing to give her a ride. This support worked for her until she was two-thirds through the book, when the person giving her a ride stopped coming. This didn’t stop us. We are finishing the course, one-on-one. My friend re-declared this summer!

Being a Bahá’í again seems to make a huge difference in my friend’s life. She is participating in Feasts and Holy Days; she recently joined a Book 2. She loves to teach the Faith too. When she feels herself beginning to experience difficulties, she phones me and we read the Writings and consult together about how to face the challenges in life.

I think one of the important things I've learned more deeply, is that ALL people long to reconnect with their Lord, and having smaller groups in which to study and pray can really help, especially those who are experiencing difficulties in the larger community. Building community on the smaller scale can strengthen our connection to our Lord and help us to deal better with the challenges.

Story shared by Patty

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