Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reaching seekers in rural areas is systematic in the NE

Finding Baha'is who can provide accompaniment in clusters where there are few or no Bahá'ís is a challenge to say the least. Here is a follow up story about a Syracuse Area NY (*C) cluster seeker who preferred to study alone while staying in touch by email and phone with the Regional Seeker Response Specialists, because the seeker lives in a remote area. Seekers will call 1-800-22UNITE from those areas and need support too.

She remained in weekly (sometimes daily) email and phone contact with the Regional Specialist and recently declared her Faith in Baha'u'llah. Since then she has continued her personal study, but because the nearest Baha'i community is 30 miles away through the mountains she has not yet attended any events. An Auxiliary Board member remains in touch with her providing encouragement and tutoring as we work together to mobilize Baha'is who will make home visits when she is ready to receive them. This reminds us that new Baha'is who are shy and are isolated need very special accompaniment to sustain them as they learn and grow in their new Faith.

~NE Regional Seeker Response Specialist

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