Saturday, March 8, 2008

“We are determined to carry on” despite blizzard conditions

All around the country, stories are being shared by the friends participating in the launching of new intensive programs of growth - expansion phases. Some, however, are doing so despite the weather—we have heard about the below-zero temperatures braved during Evanston’s launch a few weeks ago, now the friends in Cleveland, OH (A), a new A-stage cluster, share their eagerness to begin, and their determination to be together. (All during the Fast!). Let us all pray for them too.

Dear Ones,

We are in blizzard conditions, with 12 inches of snow already here! Last night, as the blizzard started, however, 14 adults, 1 COI junior youth and 3 children managed to brave the snow and winds for the kick-off potluck for the IPG, which included prayers, songs and much laughter.

Some of us made it to Cleveland and joined the group last night. Some friends attempted to arrive, but their travels were delayed through canceled air flights and difficult road conditions.

Please continue your ardent prayers for us. We are determined to carry on, once the blizzard subsides.

With loving gratitude, RBC Member

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