Monday, March 10, 2008

Declaration of a friend

What happens when everyone studies Anna's presentation and that our cluster's Intensive Program of Growth teaching energy spreads far beyond the cluster? J_____ , a Muslim friend/colleague of mine from Michigan now living in Hawaii, responded to my encouragement to contact the local Baha'is in Hawaii (after she commented on a Baha'i quotation I shared with her), went to a fireside this week, then met with a Baha'i who invited her to enroll, and she did! Just like that!

Here is some of what she said after the fireside:

Had a lovely Fireside Evening with the Bahá’í community and it's the right place for me! I will be joining their activities and studies starting now. They will gather on Friday, and I've been invited.

Lovely people. Just the connection I've been longing for here.

One of the women is Muslim. She's from Iran.

The progression from Christianity to Islam and now to Baha'i...

And then after meeting one-on-one with a Baha'i:

My new friend from last night is a beautiful, lovely woman named L___. She invited me to visit with her, which I did this afternoon. She invited me to enroll, and I gratefully did so. She will teach and train me, and set me up with an international membership. I will love it. I do love it. Finally...spiritual sustenance.

I'm eager to learn from L____ and the others. Now I have a world community.

Thanks for your loving support to get me there!


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