Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't wait to teach

The Universal House of Justice has urged the friends not to wait until they become A clusters to teach. The believers in South Hampton Roads, VA (*C) have taken that guidance to heart. A *C-stage cluster, they have plunged into the Plan, increased their number of active teachers through training—and service in the field—and are seeing the fruits of their labors.

“. . . the cluster launched a training program for “Direct Teaching and Presenting the Faith” using Anna’s presentation from Ruhi Book 6. . . . 31 friends participated. . . . Of those 31 people trained, 27 were able to go out and teach. Many others prayed. . . .

“Feeling bolder and more confident after their training, the friends engaged in collective and individual direct teaching using Anna’s presentation in the cluster’s three cities that have a Spiritual Assembly. They also focused simultaneously on establishing children’s classes. Below are the results of the efforts of this remarkable *C cluster, which includes both urban and rural areas:

· Anna’s presentation used in direct teaching generated the enrolment of 4 new believers.

· The number of friends engaged in direct, collective teaching rose from 5 to 25 in a period of three months.

· The number of children in neighborhood children’s classes rose from 0 to 8 in the past six months.

· A new Ruhi Book 1 study circle was formed with 5 people including 2 of the new enrollees.

· About 20 new receptive souls were identified for follow-ups, including hearing Anna’s presentation through a home visit and being invited to the core activities and firesides.

· 16 children were identified as possible students, requiring follow up with parents.”

Source: Bulletin Update, published by the Regional Bahá’í Council of the Southern States, Volume 7, Number 1, p. 2

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