Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday mornings converge on the Plan in SF

Many Bahá’í communities in large, urban areas have a Bahá’í Center in which a variety of activities are often scheduled on Sunday mornings. Across the country, the friends are learning to turn these buildings and regular events into assets for the Five Year Plan. Here is one example from San Francisco, CA (A), which is emphasizing the teaching opportunities available to the friends through a devotional meeting:

“The SUNDAY DEVOTIONAL PROGRAM at SF Bahá’í Center provides a perfect opportunity to:

· Invite and bring seekers whom you are teaching

· Greet and teach seekers who come to the Bahá’í Center on their own

· Practice giving “Anna’s Presentation” from Ruhi Book 6

· Introduce your seekers to other Bahá’ís

· Visit the bookstore, tour the Center

· Renew your spirit”

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