Monday, March 31, 2008

Trainings for Teaching through Magdalene Carney Institute

More and more souls are rising up to boldly proclaim in an audacious manner the fundamental verities of the Faith. In January and February 2008, the Magdalene Carney Bahá’í Institute sponsored two training conferences in West Palm Beach, Florida for cluster agencies. Just look at the preparation the participants received! Look at the confidence gained! Look at the results achieved!

· 58 teachers participated in direct teaching.

· 77 people were taught using Anna’s presentation.

· 83 people requested a follow up visit.

· 19 children and 5 junior youth from non-Bahá’í families would likely take part in children’s classes and junior youth groups.

· 7 new believers (3 of which declared at a follow up visit later in the week)

“The training was excellent, with tremendous spirit and enthusiasm. Participants studied the Sept. 30, 2007 letter of the International Teaching Centre . . . They also discussed direct, collective teaching projects and how to organize them; reflected on the teaching experience; analyzed the cluster growth profiles and human resource charts in the respective clusters; and set numerical goals for the next cycle of growth. . . .”

“A key element of the training for the attendees at both conferences was door-to-door direct, collective teaching, using Anna’s presentation. It was a powerful learning in action experience. The teaching projects took place in ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Previously, these neighborhoods were scouted and found to be receptive for direct teaching. . . . the friends personally experienced the joy of direct teaching. For many, it was the first time going door-to-door and using Anna’s presentation, shedding their fears in the process.”

“After their experience, participants expressed greater confidence to coordinate and engage in direct teaching. They had knocked on doors, met people on the streets, and introduced many new souls to the Faith, making spiritual connections and opening the hearts of new souls to Bahá’u’lláh, using Anna’s presentation . . .”

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