Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our first door-to-door teaching campaign: It was invigorating

In its first door-to-door teaching campaign, the Buffalo Area NY (A) cluster began with adults and youth and a resource person from a neighboring cluster. His experience helped the Buffalo Area cluster expand its door-to-door teaching, planning, organizing, and action taking capacity. The results lead to: many contacts, confidence, capacity, learning and a declaration. Here was their framework:


  • 14 junior youth and youth
  • 2 children
  • 4 young adults
  • 8 adults
  • Tremendous support (meals / rides)

Presentation materials:

Each participant was provided with a binder which included the following

o Special idea’s prayer cards to give out

o Printed prayers (healing/children/test/unity) with contact information on the back

o Two prayer books to be given to very receptive contacts

o Copy of Ruhi Book 1 to show examples of study circle material and format

o Anna’s presentation

o Flyer of scheduled activities for the next couple of weeks

o Declaration cards

o Notebooks

To capture each encounter very quickly

o Outreach forms

To provide the coordinators with detailed information for planning/analysis/follow-up:

· Apartment #, name/description, population/ethnicity, teaching approach, response, revisits

Framework of the project:

Refreshers on teaching quote & Anna’s talk 7-9pm each night

o Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Wednesday was Feast night)

Teaching / outreach

o Friday 7-9 pm

Each team to deepen on teaching quotes

Role play Anna’s talk

Individuals on each team to make personal contacts and set up home visits / firesides for the weekend preferably or later as seeker’s request.

o Saturday 9am – 5pm (coordinators reflection 7-9 pm)

Prayers and calling on Concourse on High

Each team refreshed on teaching quotes

Those individuals who made personal contacts prepared for the firesides:

· Two firesides – one at a home, one at Bahai Center

Role-played on door-to-door interactions

Outreach to:

· Allenhurst Apartments (immigrant population, Russian, and African descent)

· Princeton street (immigrant population, Iraqis, Russian, North Africa)

· Red Clover (middle class suburban neighborhood)

· Met with director of activities at a apartment building in Tonawanda (880 unit apartment) to provide children’s classes and jr. youth activity-set up revisit on Sunday to show materials

o Sunday 9am – 5pm

Prayers and calling on Concourse on High

· This was during the devotions at Sunday School

Each team refreshed on teaching quotes

Those individuals who made personal contacts prepared for their fireside.

· One at the home of (?)

Outreach to:

· UB campus

· Neighborhood around the Center

· Revisit to apartment building in Tonawanda to share materials on children’s classes and jr. youth-very promising, Denise (director of activities) will be in touch with Tahirih and Shoori for activities.

Celebratory dinner for all 5-6pm

Group reflection for all 6-8 pm

· How was the experience

· What did you achieve

· What needs to be done next

This was the most joyous meeting! Very invigorating! Full of laughter!!

The youth shared how their fears were divested, how now it is so easy to talk to their friends having talked with strangers, how much it meant to them to do something for the Faith together, and how much they enjoyed it and look forward to the next one!!!

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