Saturday, March 1, 2008

Savannah GA: "We are already working hard to consolidate"

Savannah GA, a new A-stage cluster continues to report enrollments as a result of their very successful expansion phase. Since their focus in November, while still a B-stage cluster, they have welcomed more than 50 souls to the Bahá’í Faith. Now their sites are set on consolidation.

Dear friends:

So much has been going on that we haven't written for awhile. But since we had such a wonderful Feast tonight with the new friends reading most of the writings and the Fast is upon us now it seems like a good time to send this note. We have had two more enrollments in the last week or so. One is the younger sister two of our new friends. Another is the granddaughter of long-time community members. As best I can remember, they are our 52nd and 53rd enrollment since November.

These enrollments come as the Savannah Area cluster learns we have been elevated to the status of an "A" cluster and we start to plan for our Intensive Program of Growth. We are already working hard to consolidate our recent gains as we should be so as you can imagine opportunity abounds for the friend here. As always we beseech all the friends to keep our new enrollments and their families, as well as our nascent "A" cluster, in your prayers.


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