Monday, April 28, 2008

"Many heart to heart connections" in Virginia

Even in a Bahá’í community with not very many believers, never underestimate what a small, committed group of the friends can do when they come together for focused action based on the guidance. Here is a report of a teaching campaign from one of the friends in the Southside (C) cluster in Virginia:

Alláh'u'Abhá all!

The Southside has just finished a three-week expansion phase and are beginning a consolidation phase in the Southside cluster's teaching campaign. The friends were guided to focus on a single, receptive neighborhood these past three weekends. They were able to make many new contacts, and found many receptive souls who were interested in hearing a presentation on the Faith. Anna’s presentation was given at least a dozen times, twice to groups of eight or more neighbors who were approached while they were socializing on their front porches.

Many heart to heart connections were made with these neighbors and those who listened were touched that the Bahá’ís came to their community to share the message. The most exciting news is that two people declared just this weekend! The results are even more amazing because for these six days, there were between only two and six of the friends teaching in the neighborhood at any one time. Important lessons were learned such as trusting in God to guide us to receptive individuals and groups, and in following up with souls who have shown interest. The Southside will be focusing on following up with the new contacts and holding home visits, Ruhi study circles and children’s classes during the consolidation phase. Please pray for their continued success and for the nurturing of the faith of the new community members.


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