Monday, April 28, 2008

"Not a single angry response"

The friends in the Emerald Coast (Pensacola), FL (B) cluster were hard at work in their collective teaching project last month. The numbers are exciting: 81 homes visited, 19 children signed up to participate in children’s classes, 5 junior youth to join a junior youth group, and 2 enrolments. This effort also generated much valuable learning. Here are the notes from the friends’ report:

People generally showed more interest to learn about the Faith after first hearing about children’s classes.

Discussions with the residents, and their reactions were always pleasant—not a single angry or rude response from anyone, including those who expressed no interest in learning about the Faith.

Notes of each home were carefully recorded to ensure well-coordinated follow-ups.

Prayers were vital for the success of the program.

Training in Anna’s presentation helped prepare the friends to be more effective and assertive teachers.

The teaching teams need to meet early enough in the mornings to provide sufficient time to pray and then reach the neighborhoods by 10 am.

Afternoons can be used for devotional and consolidation gatherings.

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