Monday, April 28, 2008

Diversity key in Miami-Dade

Here is a report from the Miami-Dade, FL (A) cluster, where among the insights they have gained are the value of being able to match human resources with the communities being visited.

Teaching efforts since December 2007 have generated 24 new declarations, 11 of which were the result of a two-weekend door-to-door, direct, collective teaching project, using Anna’s presentation from Ruhi Book 6. Some of the teachers spoke Spanish, French and Creole, a vital asset for teaching in the ethnically-diverse neighborhoods. The results are as follows:

36 teachers participated.

950 doors were knocked upon.

170 people were presented with the message.

79 people expressed an interest in follow-up visits.

11 people declared (5 adults and 6 children).

Lessons learned:

Training for the use of Anna’s presentation in direct teaching activities helps participants teach more effectively and confidently.

Teaching teams should include individuals who speak the language(s) of the people in the communities visited.

Diversity in teaching teams provides an optimum mix of skills and insights.

It is good to have available copies of Anna’s presentation in Spanish and other languages.

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